Automatic Payment Processing

The Armatic platform provides flexible automatic payment processing to fit any customer billing scenario

Armatic provides multiple automatic payment processing options. You can enable any combination of the following automatic payment types:

  • Account level auto pay - An automatic payment schedule for all invoices on an account
  • Invoice level auto pay - Automatically charge invoices that match a specific criteria 
  • Subscription auto pay - Auto charge invoices created by the Armatic Subscription Module
  • Payment Plan auto pay - Auto pay schedule for invoices on an Armatic Payment Plan
  • Progress Billing auto pay - Enable auto pay for invoices created from an Armatic Estimate

Connect a Payment Processor

You will first need to connect to a payment processor. While Armatic will manage the payment processing rules and schedule, the connected payment processor will process the payment and store all payment information (Armatic does not save any payment information on our servers).

Connect to a payment processor, under Account>Payments

Account level automatic payments

Account level automatic payments will create a schedule to automatically charge open invoices for an account. Invoices for an account that are currently in a "Payment Plan" will be excluded from the automatic payment rules. To create an automatic payment rule for a customer, navigate to the customer detail page, then select the edit icon next to "Auto Pay"


Enable Auto Pay


Edit the Auto Pay settings:

Auto Pay Rules

  • Interval - The frequency the auto pay rule will run
  • Start/End Date -Start or stop the auto pay rule
  • Charge Due Invoices Only - Charge only invoices due or past due vs, all open invoices
  • Do not Charge Sub Accounts - Only charge invoices for the parent account vs. both parent & child invoices

Click "Save" to finish setting up the rule. The automatic payment schedule will run in accordance with the schedule you created. When running, the auto pay system will check every 20 min to see if any invoices match the auto payment rules. i.e. if you set an interval to "Daily" it would check every 20 min for invoices to charge. 

Invoice Level Auto Payment Rules

Invoice automatic payment rules will automatically charge new/updated invoices if they match the defined criteria. To create an invoice auto pay rule, navigate to Settings->Invoices then click "+ Add Rule"



Next, follow the three steps to create the automatic payment rule:

  1. Set Conditions - Set the criteria the invoice needs to match to trigger the automatic payment
  2. Option - Selecting "Due Invoices Only" will schedule the payment on the invoice "Due Date", if this option is note selected the invoice will be charge roughly one hour after it meets the conditions.
  3. Preview - Review the conditions  and options before saving the invoice auto pay rule

Once saved, any new/updated invoice that matches the conditions in the rule will either be charged an hour after matching the conditions or, if "Due invoices only" was selected, the payment will be scheduled for the invoice due date.



Subscription automatic payments

Enabling "Auto Pay" for subscriptions will automatically charge an invoice created from the Armatic subscription module once created. Simply select the "Auto Pay" check box at the bottom of the subscription form. Access the subscription module here


Subscription Auto Pay


Auto pay for Payment Plans

To automatically process payments in accordance with a payment plan schedule, simply select the "Auto Pay" check box in the create Payment Plan creation form. Learn more about Payment Plans here.


Auto Pay Payment Plan


Enable auto pay for Estimates (Progress Billing)

Armatic Estimates, allow you to issue invoices based on milestones and track the progress against the original estimate. Once an estimate has been created, you can enable an automatic creation schedule, and elect to have invoices created from this schedule automatically charged. To do so, select the menu next to the estimate, then "Enable Auto Invoice" Create new estimates here.


Estimate auto invoice


Select the auto invoice schedule and check the "Auto Pay" check box to have invoices automatically charged once created.


Auto pay estimate


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