Connect/Sync Armatic with your Sage-Intacct Account

Step by step guide to setting up the permissions to sync Armatic with your Sage-Intacct account


From your Sage-Intacct Account we will be creating a web services only user. Armatic is a Sage-Intacct Partner so there is no cost to create this specific user.

Create user

  1. Go to Company ->WebServices Users -> Add
  2. Fill the form. Important : use xmlgw-armatic as User ID, make sure Restrict user access to web services only is checked.
  3. Click “Save” 


Mark sure to enter an email address that you have access to, the password for the account will be sent to the entered email address.



Intacct setup 1


Choose Application/Module Permissions

User Application Subscriptions choose following subscriptions with corresponding permissions Expanded view


Intacct setup


Company Permissions: Expand View


Intacct - Permission Assignment 2017-11-01 17-46-06


Cash management Permissions: Expand View





General Ledger Permissions: Expand View





Accounts Receivable Permissions: Expand View





Inventory Control Permissions: Expand View





Order Entry Permissions: Expand View





Click “Save”

Enable Web Service Authentication

From your Intacct account go to:

  1. Company
  2. Company information
  3. Security
  4. From the security section, select "Edit" in the upper right.
  5. Next scroll down to "Web Services authorizations" and select the "+" to add a new web service


Web Services DEMO 2018-11-15 07-18-18

In the Web Services Sender Information Screen

  1. Enter the "Pscore" for the Sender ID
  2. Enter "Armatic Integration" for the Description
  3. Set the status to "Active"
  4. Select "Save"


Web Services DEMO 2018-11-15 07-20-38


Connect Intacct in Armatic

From your Armatic account

  1. Go to  Account -> Accounting
  2. Click “Connect” under Intacct logo
  3. Enter Company ID,  User ID (xmlgw-armatic) and password for this user
  4. Select "Connect"

The popup will close automatically and data will start syncing from your Intacct account to Armatic. The first sync can take some time to complete if your account has a large amount of customers and/or invoices.

More Questions?

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