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Setup & Control Access with User Roles

Customize user access and permission levels for each Armatic object with User Roles

Roles are designed to give each user the desired level of access to any feature or section of the platform. Roles are located under Account Settings. There are some default Roles already created, you can customize these by selecting "Edit" under the Role menu or create a new Role by selecting the "Add Role" button on the upper right.

User Roles

Access levels

Access level can be set to either "Full" or "Limited". A user assigned to a role with a "Limited" access level can only see customers, prospects and data for accounts they are the "Owner" of (Owner, Sales Rep or Account Manager). Users with "Full" Access, can see all customers and data.

You can then customize the viewable data by editing the "Privilege" in the "Permissions" and "Dashboard" sections.

Roles (1)

Entity Permissions

Each entity (object) can be set to any of the following levels for each role.

  • None - setting/object cannot be seen by user
  • View - User has Read-Only access to setting/object
  • Create - User can view and create new objects but cannot edit
  • Edit - User can view, create and edit objects
  • Full - User has Admin level permissions to settings/object

Assigning Roles

Access your user list under Account>Users, select the menu next to a user then select "Change Role".

Assign User Roles

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