Customer Records

The Armatic customer record can serve a single point of truth between sales, support, finance and customer success teams.

To access a customer record

Head towards the tab labeled "Customers". In the drop down bar you will click another button labeled "Customer Records".

This will direct you to all of the customers information

Once you have accessed this page, if you click the edit button located in the upper right hand, this will take you to a set up screen.

Here's an example video:

records recording 2

Main Customer Details

The customer set up page will allow you to enter all of their information

new records 4

Customer options:

  1. Display Name- How the customers name is presented
  2. Custom Fields-
  3. Additional Information- sets ownership, parent ownership, and child invoices
  4. Contacts- other people that will have access to the customer portal and messages

*Contacts can not be edited in Armatic if your connected to an accounting system.

Outstanding Balance- This is pulled directly from the accounting system and lists the customers balance

Unapplied Credits- Credits that have not be applied to the customers account yet

new record

Payment Method- Reflects whether or not the customer has a payment method on file.

Auto Payments- Setting to enable or disable automatic payment rules for the customer

*By default is enabled for all customers

Auto Pay Schedule- Enables the ability to create an automatic payment schedule for customers

Here is a link for how to set up automatic payments for Armatic

Last Payment- Last recorded payment recorded to Armatic

Last Contacted- Last time an email was sent to a customer

Preferred Payment Method- The options a customer is allowed to pay with

To create an Unapplied Credit:

Click on the tab titled "Unapplied Credit" and tap the pencil on the screen. Then an "Add Credit" screen will show.

records screenshot 3

Enter credit options:

  1. Amount- The total that the credit will equal
  2. Description- What the credit is for

Then click the "Add" button in the bottom right corner to complete the credit.

records screenshot 4

Once the credit is added, it will decrease the balance of the invoice.

records screenshot 6

Here the choice of payment method can be selected or changed

Default Invoice Template- If a customer has more than one invoice template they can select different payment methods for each.

Account Number- The number attached to the account

Cadence- The rules (cadences) they are assigned to

Phone Number- Number for contact

Customer Portal- Either enabled or enabled

This sends an invite to the account holder to access the account. Once accepted, the account holder is enabled to enter the account.

Ownership- Different types of owners of the customer (Billing Owner)

Billing owner is primarily responsible for any cadence related tasks.

Account Manager/Sales Rep- Owners that are included in the cadences.

Can be triggered and accessed throughout Aarmatic

Manager- has the ability to see the customer if assigned to a role with limited access

Heres an article with further description on roles:

To select roles:

Head over to the "Accounts" tab and click. Once you've clicked that another tab will open. Select the button titled "Roles".

Heres an example video:

records recording 2-1


Once you have reached this screen you can customize the role:

records screenshot 7

Limited Access- Can only see customers that they have ownership of

Full Access- Can see all customers and data

NPS Surveys- A survey that is sent to customers (default)

Aging summary- Summary of invoices broken up into separate groups

records screenshot 8

On the top of the screen on the right hand side there are 6 small icons

new record 2

  1. Add Note- can send notes, emails, trigger letters, texts, or send calls
  2. Send E-mail- send emails directly
  3. Letters- Triggers letters from the account
  4. Send SMS- Sends texts
  5. Call- Place calls
  6. Semicolon(: )
new records 3

  1. Edit-allows you to edit the customer along with many other options such as:
  2. Payment method link- allows you to enter payment info for the customer, or directly send the link to the customer for manual input
  3. Pay Balance Link- Link manually directs the customer to make a payment
  4. Send an Invitation- A message to invite the customer to their portal
  5. Change Customer Health- visual indicator that indicates the standing of the account
  6. Send Invoices- Sends specific invoices directly to customer
  7. Disable Auto Payments- Stops payments from being processed automatically
  8. Enable Auto Pay Schedule- Starts payments being automatically processed
  9. Add Credit- The amount of money that will be subtracted from the invoice
  10. Change Cadence- Change the communication rules
  11. Remove Cadences- Completely delete the cadence from the account
  12. Generate Statement- Summary of open invoices

If you can not view the next window after clicking "Generate Statements", you must disable the pop up blockers .

13. Disable Late Fees- Stops any late fees for being created

Timeline- A log of all events that took place on the account in a chronological order

records screenshot 11

At the bottom of the "Customer Records" page there are eight tabs.

records screenshot 12
  1. Notes- written customized information.
  2. Communication- all in-bound and outbound communication between contacts through the connected email accounts.
  3. T0-D0- All tasks created for the customer (mostly cadence related).
  4. Transactions- All Invoices, payments, statements, credit memos, and refunds.
  5. Subscriptions- Shows any subscriptions the account has.
  6. Payment- Plans- Any payment schedules for the account.

Below is a link for an explanation on payment-plans.

7. Documents- Allows you to create documents that can be sent out for electronic signature.

These can all be linked to a customer

8. Attachments- Shared with the customer in their customer portal and are used to share information back and forth.

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