Segments allow users to sort customers into separate groups. This simplifies all information, and allows you to easily find specific groups of customers or invoices based on their attributes.

To get started

Head to the "Settings" page and click the segments tab.

segments shot 1

This screen will show any current segments. To create new ones, click on the button labeled "New Segment".

segment shot 2

The next screen will allow you to input information to create a new segment.

segment shot 3

*Segments can be created for a customer or an invoice

Segment inputs:

  1. Name- What you would like the segment to be called
  2. Object Type- Whether the segment is for customer or invoice

When creating a segment for an customer you must enter the:

Segment Condition- What is being filtered

segment shot 5

After that, you will need to enter the:

  1. Condition- whether or not the segment is before after or during the date you select
  2. Start date- when the condition started
  3. End Date- when the condition ended

Next You need to add the "Field" which is the category by which the information will be segmented.

segment shot 7

segment shot 8

Once you have added any necessary fields, you press the "save" button in the upper right corner.

segment shot 9

Anything that now matches this filter, or has the added fields, will be tagged with the created segment.

More Questions?

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