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How to send statements to your customers

Send account statements to your customers automatically or on demand

Statements can be generated manually, or automatically through cadences. Statements are available to customers who have Plus, and Pro plans only.

To generate statement manually:

To get started, to go to the customer record that you would like to generate a statement for. Then select the customer menu (three dots toward the top right) and select "Generate Statement"

Here's an example video:

statements vid 1

After that select whether the statement should include:

  1. One-off invoices- An invoice created by any other means other than an Armatic subscription.
  2. Recurring invoices- an invoice created by the Armatic subscription module

statement shot 1

Select "Submit"

*The next step will open the statement in another window which may be blocked by your browser's pop up blocker.

*Statement templates can be customized based on your Armatic plan

statement shot 2

To send the statement to your customers, you can either save the document by clicking the save button in the upper right corner, or copy the link and sending it to necessary viewers.

statement shot 3

To generate with a statement automatically (using cadences):

Head to the "Cadences" tab located in "settings" and select the button titled "Monthly Statements"

Here's an example video:

statements vid 2

Next you hit the add step button in the top right corner and enter:

On the Add Step pop-up select one of the following for the "Condition"

  • Send statement on a day of the month - i.e.generate statements on the 15th of each month
  • When Invoices Are Due - Generate statements based on the amount of invoices due/past due. i.e. send a statement when a customer has 3 invoices due.
  • When Invoices Are Created- Generate statements based on the amount of invoices open. i.e. send a statement when a customer has 3 invoices open on their account.
statements shot 4

Statements can be delivered via email or through the mail (additional fees apply). Simply choose "Email or "Letter" as the "type", then hit "Add".

Add content and select the settings for this step

Last enter the content that should appear in the body of the email/letter (also enter the subject line in the case of an email). as well as the additional communication settings (checkboxes) for the cadence step. i.e. send the message automatically, copy sales rep and/or don't send if the balance is cleared.

Things to consider:

  • Be sure to select the "Day of the Month" the statement should go out
  • Make sure the "Don't send if customer balance is cleared" checkbox is selected, otherwise all customers on this cadence will receive a statement
  • Include recurring/one-off invoices - Recurring invoices are invoices are invoices created by the Armatic subscription module, all other invoices (imported or created in Armatic) are considered "One-off" invoices. Unselecting one of these options will not include those types of invoices on the statement
  • Filters - You can set a filter to include only or exclude invoices created within a specified period of time
  • Statement tasks are created just after midnight on the day they are supposed to be sent so they will not appear in the "Todo List" until then.
  • To ensure the most accurate information, the statement itself isn't generated until the moment it's sent

Screenshot (1)

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