Net Promoter Score Dashboard

The NPS Dashboard helps to understand campaign results and provides quick access to NPS summary data. The reports includes breakdowns of total survey responses, Total NPS scoring/segment trends, respondents by NPS category and others

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These different graphs and numbers explain multiple aspects of Armatic promoter score dashboard data:

*This can be shown for customers and employees.

  1. Net Promoter Score- Shows the current NPS value.
  2. Promoters- Shows the current number of promoters.
  3. Passives- Shows the current number of passives
  4. Detractors- Shows the current number of detractors
  5. NPS Over Time- Shows how NPS was changing over time (Per month, quarter, year)
  6. NPS Segments Over Time- This shows how NPS segments were changing over time (Per month, quarter, year).
  7. NPS Segments- Shows a breakdown of current NPS score by segments (Per month, quarter, year)
  8. Score Breakdown- Shows a distribution of NPS score

Learn more about NPS here

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