Setting up Metered (usage based) Billing

Automatically adjust Armatic subscription line item quantities to bill customers for what they used during a service period.

Armatic's Metered Billing feature allows customers to only pay for what they've used within the billing cycle. Metered Billing which is also referred to as Usage-Based Billing, allows you to incorporate usage into your customer subscriptions. It will be based on a variable amount: a "price per unit."

Metered Billing (1)


Just like cell phone carriers charge for data or electric companies charge for kilowatts, Metered Billing allows you to dynamically charge for the amount of service used.

First Steps

If this is how you are charging your customers today, your system how much customer X uses of product Y would simply pass that information to Armatic via API (API = Application Programming Interface)

We will be happy to help you set this up. Please contact to request API credentials.

Once you have credential and you've setup the API to pass customer usage over. The Armatic platform will automatically add up usage at the end of each billing cycle and create the appropriate invoice each month.

How to Set Up in Armatic

Specify which products/services are Usage-Based under Settings>Items, select the menu next to the usage based item then "Edit". Next, select the check box to make it usage based:

Usage Based Item

How To Add A Metered Billing Charge To A Subscription

When creating a new Subscription, add a Line Item and click the Product/Service box. Select a Usage-Based Item that you have previously created.

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(Because it is Usage-Based, it will automatically disable the options to select a Quantity and the One-Time charge because the quantity will be based on what is metered in each Billing Cycle.)

So now, if you have more complex billing structures, you can combine these “Measured Units” with one-time fees, as well as with recurring  fees. Simply add additional Line Items that are not Usage-Based. 

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To get started, contact us and we will help you connect your current system with Armatic.

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