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Automatic Approval Rules

Keep your team in the loop and on-track with automatic approval rules for invoices, bills, quotes, documents and estimates

Armatic's approval rules engine is designed to help your team operate more efficiently by leveraging rules and approval workflows. Approvals can be setup for the following objects:

  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Quotes
  • Documents
  • Estimates

You can use an approval rule to:

  • Require an approval when an invoice is created by your support team before it can be posted.
  • Have bills greater than $1,000 approved before they can be paid
  • Require managers to Review/approve Quotes created by the sales team before they are sent

To get started

Navigate to "Approvals" under "Settings


Next, you will see a list of any existing rules. Select "New Approval Rule" in the upper right corner


From the new rule creation menu, select the:

  1. Type of object you'd like to create the approval for
  2. The condition that will trigger the rule
  3. The specific approvers
  4. If multiple approvers are selected, choose if all or just one need to approve
  5. Review and confirm the rule

a user's "Supervisor" can be set under Account>Users

Here's an example video:


Working with approvals

Once an approval rule is triggered, the object will be in an "Awaiting Approval" status until the required approvers approve or decline the request. Request for approval will be both emailed to the approvers as well as show up in the "Approvals" section of their Todo list.


Once an approval rule is triggered, an email will be sent to all approvers.

Approval email-873378-edited

An approval request will also be placed under the "Approvals" section of the Todo List


Select "Open the Document" or "Object" number to be taken to the approval screen. The object requiring approval will be displayed on the left, with a timeline of evens on the right. "Approve" or "Decline" the object by selecting the appropriate button in the upper right corner.

Invoice Approval

A comment form will popup once an object is approved or declined


Comments are recorded in the timeline and a notice will be sent to the user that triggered thee approval

Email example after approval:


Approved object example:


More Questions?

Look for the chat icon on the right to send us a message, email us at support@armatic.com or give us a call at (949) 424-2875.