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Step 2 - Connect Email Accounts

Armatic connects to a "team" email (accounting@) as well as each user's email.

Connected email accounts are used to send automated payment reminders (Cadences), one-time user email as well as system notifications. All emails sent to/from a connected account to/from a customer is automatically, tracked and logged in Armatic.

To connect a team email click your initials in the lower left corner then
Account > Communications

To connect your email (user email), click your initials in the lower left corner then Profile 

Once Your Email, a Billing Team email, and other User emails are connected you will be able to edit email sending preferences:

  • Cadences Emails - Emails sent as part of your automatic communication rules
  • System Notifications - Emails sent from the system i.e. Customer Portal invites 
  • User Emails - Emails sent manually through the platform by users

For now, you can set all preferences to "Team"

Watch the Step-by-Step Process To Set-Up Your Billing Team Email

Billing Team Email Setup (1)-1

Click Here to Setup Your Billing Team Email