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Step 4 - Setup AR Automation Rules (Cadences)

A cadence is a set of communication rules that can be used to automate any customer billing scenario

A cadence is a series of communication rules that can be used to trigger emails, SMS, letters and call reminders based off the age, status or balance of customers and invoices. Each step in a cadence is completely customizable and can be configured to be sent automatically or only after approval. You can choose one of our pre-written cadences to edit or create your own. 

Cadences can be assigned to a customers and/or to invoices. Applying a cadence to a customer will automatically assign all current and new invoices for that customer to the selected cadence. Cadences for customers and invoices can changed or removed at anytime, paid invoices are removed from a cadence automatically

  • Add a Step to a cadence by selecting "Add Step" in the upper right side of the edit cadence page. Select the step condition (trigger) and then the type of communication you would like to send, then "Add". This step will now appear in the timeline on the left of the page and you can start editing the step settings and content.
  • Include Placeholders (mail merge) to personalize your message by selecting the "+" icon and selecting the appropriate veritable.  There is a separate + icon for the subject and email body.
  • Remove a Step from a cadence by locating the step you would like to remove in the timeline on the left and selecting the "-" icon on the right, 
  • Preview this step by selecting the "eye" icon just above the message content on the right.

Learn more about cadences in our Cadence Setup Guide

Start customizing your cadences by clicking on your initials in the lower left corner then Settings > Cadences