How to Create & Apply Coupons to Subscriptions

Coupons provide flexible discount and redemption options to help streamline subscription management

To get started

Head to the "Settings" page and click on the coupons tab.

coupons screenshot 5

Here you will find a list of all existing coupons. To create a new coupon, click on the blue button labeled "New Coupon".

coupon screenshot 2

Coupon Options:

  1. Coupon Code - Is the description that will appear on the invoice
  2. Duration - Is how long the discount should be applied to the subscription, this can be set to "one-time", "forever" or a specified period of occurrences (i.e. the first 3 months)
  3. Amount off - This would set the discount to be applied as a specific value discount, i.e. $100.00 off
  4. Percent off- This would set the discount to be applied as a percentage of the total, i.e. 15% off
  5. Redemption- How many times the coupon can be used
  6. Expiration Date & Time- When the coupon is no longer valid
  7. Item- The product or service that this coupon will be logged against
  8. Currency- The type of currency/payment accepted

Here's an example video:

coupons video

Once all of that information is completed, you will click on the save button in the upper right corner.

More Questions?

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