How to connect your Veem account to Armatic

Armatic's partnership with Veem helps accepting international payments much easier and less expensive.


Veem is a global payments platform specializing in international wire transfers. With Veem you can....

Receive global business payments via bank transfer from over 25 countries worldwide. Sending international payments is a breeze as well, Veem allows you to send payments to send to over 90 countries.

Veem Now In Over 95 Countries -2

TO connect to Veem:

Select the initials at the bottom left corner of your Armatic account

  1. Select ACCOUNT
  2. Select PAYMENTS

Veem Setup -1

4. Now CONNECT Veem to your account.

Veem Setup -2

Enter your credentials or select the "Sign Up" button on the top right.

Veem setup

Once connected, your customers will be able to pay invoices with Veem through any payment interface. 

Veem Payment Example

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